EL*C publishes today the report “Lesbianising the Istanbul Convention: Research on the Implementation of the Convention to Protect LBTI Women”. The report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of lesbian experiences within the legal frameworks and policies created by the Istanbul Convention, the main European convention focusing on violence against women.

In collaboration with legal experts from the University of Valencia and the University of Venice, we took a feminist approach to highlight the gendered aspect of violence against lesbians and advocate for their inclusion in policy discussions concerning violence against women and gender-based violence. Our analysis “lesbianises” the Istanbul Convention to reflect the realities of lesbian, bisexual, trans, and intersex women.

We assess the implementation of the Convention’s anti-discrimination clause across 28 countries, drawing insights from expert focus groups and civil society practices. In a political climate where feminist and LGBTI initiatives face constant attacks and backlash, we emphasize the importance of collaboration, sisterhood and allianceship with feminist NGOs and groups.

Our report does not create hierarchies of oppression but seeks to initiate a dialogue while providing an interpretative framework and recommendations to stakeholders who wish to have an inclusive approach in the fight against gender-based violence. 

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Original title: Έλα να σου πω: Φεμινιστικές, λεσβιακές και κουήρ αφηγήσεις της μεταπολίτευσης

Resource type: Book

Topics: Art, Discrimination, Education, Feminism, Gender, History, Human Rights, Visibility.

Publishing year: 2021

Language: Greek

Country: Greece

Publisher: FAC (Feminist Autonomous Center)

Download: Έλα-Να-Σου-Πω-ebook

Original title:Guía de asesoramiento, información, y empoderamiento para entidades y profesionales sobre la salud integral en la mujer diversa

Resource type: Guide

Topics:Access to Healthcare, Advocacy, Capacity Building, Discrimination, Education, Gender, Identity, Intersex Lesbians, Lesbophobia, Services, Social Services, Trans Lesbians, Wellbeing

Publishing year: 2021

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

Publisher: Fundacion26

Download: Guia-profesionales_-Mujeres-Diversas

Original title: Survival Strategies of Homosexual and Bisexual Women and Transgender Persons in the North Caucasus

Resource type: Report

Topics: Access to Justice, Advocacy, Bisexual, Communication, Discrimination, Gender, Human Rights, Law, Lesbophobia, Migration, Psychology, Security, Trans, Transphobia, Violence, Visibility

Publishing year: 2020

Language: English

Country: Russia

Publisher: Queer Women of North Caucasus

Download: Survival Strategies of Homosexual and Bisexual Women and Transgender Persons in the North Caucasus

Original title: Positionpapier Für ein soziales Europa der Vielfalt, Solidarität und Selbstbestimmung

Resource type: Position Paper

Topics: Advocacy, Discrimination, EU, Gender, Policy, Politics, Social Protection, Violence.

Publishing year: 2019

Language: German

Country: Germany

Publisher: Lesben und Alter

Download: Positionspapier-EU-WAHL_RZ_digi

Original title:Communication entre professionnel-le-s de santé et les femmes qui ont des rapports sexuels avec des femmes sur les thèmes de l’intimité

Resource type: Study

Topics:Access to Healthcare, Advocacy, Communication, Education, Gender, Professional Services, Sexual Education, Visibility, Wellbeing

Publishing year: 2020

Language: French

Country: Switzerland

Publisher: Unil & Unisante

Download: Travail_Master_EKoller

Original title:Sigurniji lezbejski seks

Resource type: Manual

Topics:Health, Human Rights, Sexual Education

Publishing year: 2013

Language: Serbian

Country: Serbia

Publisher: Labris

Download: Sigurniji-lezbejski-seks

Original title: Pravo Na Lezbejsku Egzistenciju U Srbiji

Resource type: Report

Topics: Coming Out, Gender, Human Rights, Identity, Psychology

Publishing year: 2006

Language: Serbian

Country: Serbia

Publisher: Labris

Download: pravo_na_lezbejsku_egzistenciju_u_srbiji_2006