EL*C is recruiting Advocacy & Research Officer


Job title: Advocacy and Research Officer  

Contract duration: One year with a possibility of extension   

Monthly salary: 3.750,00 EUR (Gross II) Working hours: full time (40 hours a week)  

Location: Remote work 


About EL*C: 

EL*C- EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community is an umbrella feminist network of lesbian organizations and lesbian individuals from across Europe and Central Asia. EL*C was established in 2016, and its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. From 2016, EL*C set out to be a network aimed at making lesbians visible, strengthening their participation in decision making spheres, and increasing their access to human rights, social justice, economic justice and wellbeing, while influencing relevant policies on the national, regional, European and international levels, from the perspective of the needs and interests of lesbians. As such, EL*C strives to be a representative, powerful and visible voice of lesbian movements in Europe and Central Asia, and has implemented numerous activities in the areas of movement building, networking, advocacy and policy, visibility and public campaigning, research and grant-making.   

EL*C uses the word “lesbian” as a broad inclusive term, including lesbians who identify as trans, non-binary, as well as intersex lesbians, and bisexual or queer women. For this reason, unless otherwise specified, the term “lesbian” includes all non-heterosexual LBTIQ women and non-binary persons, in line with EL*C’s policy to give visibility and empowerment through the use of the word “lesbian”. We will also refer to lesbian organizations to include all groups focused on and led by LBTIQ women and non-binary persons. 


Job summary: 

The advocacy and research officer position is vital for achieving EL*C’s mission and strategic goals and positioning EL*C as one of the most important actors in advocating for the rights of lesbians in Europe and Central Asia. The main aim of this position is to ensure that human rights of lesbians are advocated for at national, regional and international levels, while building on the previous work of EL*C in the area, and in accordance with EL*C’s strategic priorities. The Advocacy and Research Officer works closely with the Advocacy Dykerector, and other staff members. 


Main duties and responsibilities: 

➢ Implementing EL*C’s advocacy and policy priorities.  

➢ Developing and implementing monitoring methodologies. 

➢ Continuous monitoring of opportunities and challenges relevant for policy and advocacy of rights of lesbians on national, regional and international levels.   

➢ Developing advocacy and policy approaches and strategies. 

➢ Engaging with key policy stakeholders and processes on national, regional and international levels, including national governments and institutions, as well as multilateral institutions (European Union institutions, the Council of Europe and the United Nations).  

➢ Developing issue-oriented advocacy and policy content such as advocacy briefs, position papers, statements, recommendations.  

➢ Identifying gaps and needs in terms of data gathering/research.  

➢ Managing qualitative and quantitative research activities 

➢ Collecting and maintain up-to-date data on key policy and advocacy issues 

➢ Collecting and analyzing best practices in the field of advocacy.  

➢ Engaging in regular consultations with member organizations.  

➢ Assisting and supporting member organizations in their advocacy activities.  

➢ Participate in advocacy related capacity development activities of member organizations and other stakeholders. 

➢ Developing and maintaining relations, partnerships, strategic alliances, and coalitions relevant for supporting and achieving legal, political and social change  


Required qualifications, experience, and skills: 

➢ At least 3 years of work experience in human rights advocacy on national, regional and/or international levels. 

➢ Demonstrated expertise in human rights, gender equality, and/or LGBTIQ equality. 

➢ Familiarity with research methodologies.  

➢ Demonstrated ability to think in an analytical and strategic way. 

➢ Ability to develop evidence-based policy proposals. 

➢ Ability to work in diversified environments as part of a team as well as independently.  

➢ Ability to travel frequently.  

➢ Excellent command of spoken and written English language.  

➢ Excellent communication and presentation skills, adaptable to different audiences.   

➢ Strong time management skills, including performance under pressure.  

➢ Ability to build relationships, networks and alliances. 

➢ Demonstrated ability to perform responsibilities in a composed and nuanced manner.  

➢ Demonstrated ability and versatility in conveying positions diplomatically.  


Working conditions:  

The working week consists of 5 working days and a total of 40 working hours per week, usually Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. When needed, the position requires extra working hours and sometimes work over weekends (time off in lieu is given) and frequent travel. The officer will be employed under the Labor Law of the country of residence. The Gross II salary (inclusive of all relevant taxes, contributions and benefits) is 3750,00 EUR per calendar month.  

EL*C actively encourages and promotes equal treatment and non-discrimination in all its policies, including employment policies and practices. EL*C is dedicated in its efforts to oppose any type of direct and indirect discrimination based on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sex characteristics, marital status, age, ethnic and national origin, race or any other ground. However, EL*C acknowledges the existence of multiple discrimination of lesbians* and applies affirmative measures in the case of equal qualifications of the candidates by giving the preference to lesbians*. We will also provide any necessary assistance to applicants with any special requirements to participate fully in the process.  

How to apply?  

Please send your CV, a motivation letter (no more than 2 pages) and contact information of 2 previous employers, to the following e-mail address: squad@lesbiangenius.org  


The closing date will be January 15, 2023 at 23.59pm CET, while the interviews will be held via Zoom between January 23-27, 2023.  



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