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Joining a lesbian network as an individual or NGO can provide numerous benefits and opportunities for growth and impact. One of the biggest advantages of being a part of EL*C is the ability to connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations who share the common goal of promoting and supporting the rights and well-being of lesbian women and non-binary persons. This can be particularly beneficial for an NGO that is lesbian-led or focuses on lesbian-related issues, as it can provide a platform for collaboration and networking with other organizations working towards similar goals.

We understand that our lesbian communities are intersectional, which is why we place focus on intersections such as race, class, disability, age, geographies, gender identity and expression, in both our internal and external operations and structures. We seek to create the spaces that we need to exist and evolve: lesbian led and lesbian dedicated sites, projects, platforms to be “talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, f*cking, crying, drinking, riding, winning, losing, cheating, kissing, thinking, dreaming” (from: The L-Word Theme). We center diversity, inclusion and participation - within the LGBTIQ and feminist community as well as all the worlds through which we move. Our experiences, needs and perspectives differ - individually and collectively, throughout our regional focus area of Europe and Central Asia and with respect to the intersecting social groups we belong to, the ways we are limited and enriched by this, marginalized or centered, and the strategies we apply to move out of global systems of oppression and discrimination.

Another benefit of becoming a member of EL*C is the opportunity to participate in various activities and events that cater to a diverse group of lesbians, regardless of their field of interest or expertise. This can include everything from activism and advocacy to sports and culture, providing an amazing experience for lesbian individuals to come together, learn and grow.


Be part of the lesbian network


EL*C membership benefits:

Being a member of EL*C means that you have a platform to contribute to the network in any way you want. It could be through volunteering, mentoring, providing resources or participating in the general assembly. Moreover, membership is free, which makes it accessible for all NGOs and individuals regardless of their resources.

  • 1.

    Opportunities to participate in study visits to important policy making institutions.
  • 2.

    Discounted prices for tickets to our events.
  • 3.

    The opportunity to be part of an amazing lesbian network.
  • 4.

    The opportunity to participate in our annual general assembly.

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