EL*C Grants

EL*C Grants

The lesbian movement is one of the most under-resourced sectors within civil society. As a regional network, the EL*C is dedicated to supporting its member organizations and lesbian*-led, lesbian*-focused organizations in strengthening their operational capabilities.

To achieve this objective, in 2023 we have launched a regranting program for EL*C members within the EU through collaboration with the European Commission’s CERV programme. In 2024 we are continuing the regranting programme for EL*C members, and we are launching a regranting project that focuses on preventing and combating gender-based violence against lesbians* in EU member states and CERV-participating countries, currently Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia.

At the same time, we are working on identifying regranting possibilities for our member organizations and lesbian*-led, lesbian*-focused organizations outside the EU. Please see more details below about currently open regranting projects as well as past projects.


EL*C is thrilled to have the opportunity to fund and build the capacity of 31 amazing lesbian organizations. Our awarded grants for the year 2023 go to organizations across the EU working in a variety of fields associated with lesbian rights and culture. Find the full list of EL*C 2023 grantees (downloadable Excel file):