EL*C Events
2023 - 2024

About EL*C Events

Being a lesbian is a joyous experience and EL*C events are a celebration of what makes us truly unique and beautiful from our diverse culture to our shared struggles and triumphs. But joy is not just about having fun or feeling good, it is a powerful tool of resistance against the oppression that lesbians face each day: by refusing to hide or apologize for who we are, and by celebrating our love and our lives in the face of adversity, we are sending a powerful message to the world that we will not be silenced or erased.

EL*C events bring together individuals, organizations and key stakeholders from all corners of the globe who are passionate about advancing the cause of lesbian rights and creating a more inclusive society for all.

These events offer a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field, engage in critical discussions and workshops, and connect with like-minded activists and advocates. EL*C events often feature high-profile speakers, leaders, and human rights defenders who share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on the most pressing issues facing the lesbian community.

At the same time, EL*C events also provide a platform for institutional change by bringing together policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders who have the power to make a real difference. These events offer a chance to engage in critical dialogue and collaboration with key decision-makers, and to work together to create policies and initiatives that promote greater equality and inclusivity.

The lesbian community has a long and proud history of advocating for a more sustainable world. At EL*C events, we embrace this legacy by making ecological sustainability a main principle of our events. We strive to reduce waste and promote environmentally responsible practives in every aspect of organizing.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to engage in meaningful activism, connect with inspiring leaders and allies, and make a real difference in the world, then EL*C events are the perfect place to start. Join us and be a part of this powerful lesbian movement for change!

Lesbian Calendar of Events

Upcoming lesbian events by EL*C and our member organizations

Why join our events

Joining EL*C events is a must for anyone who is passionate about creating a better world for the lesbian community and beyond. These events are an immersive, engaging, and deeply transformative experience that offer participants the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow in ways that are simply not possible elsewhere.

At EL*C events, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse and dynamic community of activists, advocates, leaders, funders, creatives and allies who are all working towards the same goal – to promote greater equality, inclusivity, and justice for lesbians regardless of gender identity or expression, nationality, race, ethnicity, social class, age, ability or neurodivergence. You’ll have the chance to engage in critical dialogue, attend thought-provoking workshops and seminars, and learn from some of the most inspiring and innovative voices in the field.

In keeping with the rich history of lesbian activism, we recognize the crucial intersection between social justice and environmental sustainability, and we strive to embody this intersection by making the ecological component of our events a fundamental principle that we hold dear.

But that’s just the beginning. EL*C events are also incredibly fun and exciting, featuring a wide range of cultural and social activities that are designed to bring people together and celebrate our shared humanity. From film screenings and art exhibits to music performances and dance parties, these events offer something for everyone and create a sense of community and connection that is truly unparalleled. Fun is a crucial historical aspect of political lesbianism, and despite the prejudice that suggests otherwise, lesbians have always known that having fun makes the fight for equality and justice all the sweeter.

Whether you’re an activist, a student, an educator, a policymaker, an artist or simply someone who is passionate about creating positive change in the world, joining EL*C events is an opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss. Join us, be a part of this vibrant community, and help us build a more dyke inclined world!