Izzy Kroese & Erin Blamire, “About Honey”

Short Bio:
Izzy Kroese and Erin Blamire are multidisciplinary artists from the North of England, specialising in editorial projects and publications. They have worked together on numerous occasions exploring a range of topics, often focusing on identity – be it sexuality, gender, or regional identities. They are also co-founders of Shy Bairns, a collective that works to support northern artists.

Workshop content abstract:
Gathering found images, we present an exploration of lesbian* identity, gender and history in a publication free for visitors to the EL*C. Juxtaposing images of lesbian erotica, both lesbian directed and directed for the male gaze; photographs of moments in lesbian history, publishing and image-making; and images that are ‘subtext’ lesbian*, we link different lesbian* moments to show the diversity of the lesbian* experience.

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