Julie Pernet, “Their bodies”

Born and raised in France, Julie Pernet « Julio » now lives in Brussels where she works in human rights advocacy. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood and has developed an immoderate love for women’s faces, figures as well as for all kinds of red. She has been using various techniques, from charcoal, pastels and acrylics to digital illustrations/drawings on photographs. Besides this work, she has been an active volunteer in the promotion of LGBTI rights in Belgium, taking part in a program fighting LGBTI-phobia in schools and as Board member of the RainbowHouse Brussels.

Their bodies is an exhibition of women’s bodies and faces and is a pansexual’s journey in the world of women (cisgender and transgender): “I identified myself as an heterosexual person for a long time until I unexpectedly fell in love with a girl. Through this first lesbian experience, I learnt how to love and be attracted by female’s bodies and have never stopped since, while also being attracted by male ones. Drawing women’s bodies at first helped me grasp my new reality and later became a way to highlight women’s beauty, queerness and strength. Their bodies is a tribute to those women I have loved and admired, those who have shaped my identity and my sexual orientation first as a bisexual and later as a pansexual person.”

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