Ophira Avisar & Petra Paul, “Transformation”

Feminist Artist: Photography, Objects, Menstrual Art, Film, Performance, Trash Art http://www.petrapaul.beep.de
Exhibitions and praticipation, performance, filmscreenings (Vienna, Boston, Halifax, Givatayim, Tel Aviv, London,…)

Installation of object from the performance Transformation with Ophira Avisar in the Gallery NUU in Vienna, after we already made this performance in Givatayim (Israel). It is about the question of space. It is my white room and Avisar has to do a painting job there. She is painting signs, like the women sign, vagina signs… As I could not go out of the space, she had to paint me red. Installation of a picture 4,10 x 1,5 meter, film Transformation 20 mins., red painted clothes

High resolution headshot
–       Number of speakers per workshop 1
–       Translation requests No
–       Visa request/ Invitation letter No
–       Dietary requirements No
–       Special needs Something where I can put the projector
–       List of required (technical) materials
–       Is there a limitation of participants?

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