Overwhelming presence at the European Lesbian* Conference’s first organising team meeting – Vienna, Austria

Overwhelming presence at the European Lesbian* Conference’s first organizing team meeting – Vienna, Austria

European Lesbian* Conference – Friday, February 10, 2017

Following the founding of the EL*C in Vienna, Austria, on February 2nd 2017, a group of enthusiastic and devoted lesbians of all ages and backgrounds met at Rosa Lila Villa to plan the organization of EL*C’s first edition, due in 6-8 October, 2017.

The meeting took place at the Rosa Lila Villa – Vienna’s first LGBTIQ* space – with the intention to work with local grassroots movements and activists from the start.

A group of 35+ diverse women* from all ages, backgrounds, representing other organizations or willing to support the EL*C on an individual capacity expressed their enthusiasm to contribute to the organization of EL*C’s first conference. “Because of the overwhelming presence and support at our first organizing team meeting, it became obvious to me, how much we are on the right track with this initiative. There seems to be a big need to address the specific needs of women* who identify as lesbians,” noted Mariella Müller, EL*C’s co-founder.

Following a participatory process, and after the presentation of the initiative and its rationale – the meeting attendees got the chance to share and express their ideas and wishes for the conference’s content and program, and also to inform the conference organizers on their skills and talents. Conference sponsoring and logistics were also discussed.

For updated information on the 1st European Lesbian* Conference, please visit: www.europeanlesbianconference.org
Facebook: Europeanlesbianconference

How to support us
– share our information on social media and your networks
– send a participant to the conference
– get actively involved (working group, panel discussion, workshop)
– to facilate an L* activist presence
– like EL*C Facebook
– follow EL*C trough Twitter

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EL*C Working Groups: Alice Coffin, Anastasia Danilova, Aurora Baba, Biljana Ginova, Maria von Känel, Mariella Müller, Natia Gvianishvili, Silvia Casalino, Katrin Gygax, Julia Pałejko, Julia Maciocha, Nicole Emmenegger, Ilaria Todde, Anastasia Andreou, Eliana Afaniotou, Daniela Danna, Docile Alseikaite, Valeria Roberti, Joliet Lamberights and Lovis Cassaris.

EL*C Host City Vienna: Mariella Müller, Dziedzic Ewa, Michaela Tulipan, Katie Kace and many more volunteers!



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