Chantal Van den Bossche

Chantal Van den Bossche works as communications specialist at WECF, Women Engage for a Common Future, an international ecofeminist network of over 250 women’s and environmental organisations in 72 countries worldwide, with a historical focus on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. At the moment she works with partners in Ukraine on a green energy efficient reconstruction project, training women to become energy auditors. Prior to WECF, Chantal worked as a journalist. She obtained a degree in Russian Language from Gerzen University, St. Petersburg and a Masters in Eastern European Studies from the University of Amsterdam, where the focus of her research was on the social stigma of AIDS and HIV in the former Soviet Union. She is currently engaged in a number of local LGBT groups and was recently appointed as International Secretary for the Pink Network of the Dutch Social Democrats (PvdA) and as Dutch representative for Rainbow Rose. Chantal is married, and a mother of 2 children, raised in a co-parenting construction with a gay couple.
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