Dasha Che

Workshop Body Lab: Dance Practices for Solidarity and Support Telaboratoria, a dance and theater improvisation program for queer and trans people, makes space for connecting with yourself and others, finding healthy boundaries and having fun. During the workshop, I will talk about making inclusive spaces for non-normative bodies in Russia, reclaiming one’s body through a creative collective practice, queering dance practice. I will also lead a short and playful dance exercises; no previous experience is necessary. Bio: As a queer transnational Russian American performance artist Dasha Che uses art to engage audiences into meaningful and challenging conversations on gender, race, privileges, access, nationality and ability. As a dance artivist and organizer Che is committed to creating accessible art spaces that uplift and empower those whose voices have been previously silenced. In 2012 Che attended a one-year physical theater program at Flying Actor Studios in San Francisco. In 2016, they graduated from UC Berkeley with Performance Studies in Dance. Che has been facilitating movement practice and creating art spaces for different communities around the world. Che uses “they” pronoun. why you think being part of EL*C it’s important? It is beautiful to find solidarity and strength in this diverse and
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