Garfias Camila

Camila Garfias was born in Vienna to a family of Chilean refugees who had fled fascist dictatorship in the 1970s. Coming from a political family, she started her political activism at the young age of eleven within AKS, the socialist pupil’s organisation, where she continued to work until she finished school. At university she joined the socialist students of Austria (VSStÖ) and was elected president of the students union (ÖH Uni Wien) in 2014. Once finished her Bachelor at the University of Vienna in 2016 she started her Master’s degree in Economy at the University of Economics and Business of Vienna and became International secretary of VSStÖ. Since 2017 she is vice president of SoHo, the social democratic LGBTIQ Organisation in Austria and PES Advisor for the PES Trainings Academy.
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