Helena Vukovic

Helena Vukovic was born in 1973. She graduated as quartermaster officer in 1996. and was one of 10 the best kadets in her generation. Her career went good until 2001 the year she was arrested because she was in skirt on the street.They took her in the psychiatric hospital and after 3 days and lot of tests they said that she is fit for the service. After that the military court moved her from her job. She then took them to the higher court and won. In 2014, she decided to go through transition and when they got that info they retired her. She retired in rank of major. She put minister of defence on the court because he said in retirement order that she has psychiatric diagnose which will damage honour of the army, but doctors said that she is fit for the service. The commissioner for equality said that it was discrimination and it was the first time that one state institution said that Ministry made gender discrimination.  Helena is a  lesbian and LGBT activist and also Coordinator for work with community in CSO Egal. She is one of organisers of pride Ponos Srbije since 2015. She wants
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