Ise Bosch

Ise is the founder of Dreilinden gGmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany. Ise’s goal is to employ money she inherited to so that gender diverse communities in the global south and east can build up the infrastructure of their movements. Ise has over 20 years’ experience of supporting human rights, women, and sexual minorities. As early as 1996, Ise Bosch became the founding donor to the International Fund for Sexual Minorities at the New York-based Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, worldwide the only community foundation focusing explicitly on lesbian issues. Today, Astraea is one of the leading LGBTQI human rights funders, supporting more than 500 groups in 99 countries Together with eight other women, Ise Bosch founded the German women’s community foundation, filia.die frauenstiftung. Here, money, ideas, and projects with a feminist focus are pooled under the premise of “Change not Charity”. “It is an easy and direct way to invest money in the women’s movement,” says Ise Bosch. Even today, women experience a major inheritance quite differently from men. The Pecunia network for women with inherited wealth, co-initiated by Ise Bosch in 2003, provides a platform to connect personally, and to support each other in finding meaningful
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