Julia Yarygina

“Voice. Body. Freedom” is an art project, designed to enhance the visibility and audibility of Ukrainian lesbians through art and creativity. The assemblages express the tension between a fantasized oriental past and an uncertain western future. From this tension emerge several forms of hybridity, monstrous survival. strategies, obligatory mutations. BIO – Julia Yarygina, 33 years. At the moment I live in Lviv. Moved here from the Donetsk region in connection with military action. I have the main work. Photo artist. Activist in the field of IDPs and LGBT. I have two children. I live with affiliate program. I identify myself as a lesbian. In activism came after the move. Since faced with various forms of discrimination, difficulties due to registration of residence, had to defend their rights, to delve into the law. Also, with the need to rebuild social ties and develop a social circle, participation in public life and activism provided such an opportunity. Why you think being part of EL*C it’s important? I think my participation is just as important. In activism, I am a new person, but it gives a fresh look at the situation, look at problems from a different angle, see new solutions. And
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