Mette Thornval

My name Mette Thornval. I have been a member of Female Oxygens planning group since the very beginning. For the last ten years I have worked with fundraising and community building together with my eight colleagues, who are also attending the conference. I am a volunteer manager and together with one of my colleagues I have written a book about coming out late in life. Female Oxygen is a Danish fundraising group of lesbian activists. Formed in 2009 in the aftermath of World Outgames in Copenhagen. We were all involved in Out reach program, human rights conference and in Womens Space. Nine years after World Outgames, we still create social and cultural events and create new ways of fundraising and building network. We aim to bring people together, we aim to create a community, embracing LGBT-people and newcomers and existing groups. We aim to give oxygen to the communities. We are reaching out to women in need of support. We are not a political organization. We are activists providing financial as well as moral support to hard working lesbians activists around the world. We fundraise smaller amounts for specific projects. At the same time we provide oxygen for the
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