Michelle Emson

Michelle Emson is an international human rights activist (with a focus on transgender, LGBTQI, and women’s rights), published author, professional speaker, and documentary filmmaker. She is currently Digital Director for Women’s March Global and sits on the Steering Team for the Dignity Network, NSM Trans Health Program, Equal Rights Coalition(ERC), and Women’s March Muskoka. Michelle received a YWCA Muskoka, 2017 Women of Distinction Award for her work. An openly-out transgender woman and lesbian, Michelle continues to fight for LGBTQI and women’s rights globally. As Digital Director for Women’s March Global, Michelle is responsible for all the technology solutions required to support the world-wide, female-led, Women’s March movement. Since her transition in 2011 she has been extremely active internationally with a mission to secure universal human rights for all. As a professional speaker and workshop facilitator she has been sharing her journey as a way of increasing awareness, understanding, and acceptance for the transgender lived experience. A journey she also shared in her contribution to the “I Bared My Chest” book project published this year. She has produced two documentary films, “Pride of Ukraine” which reveals the struggle and achievements of the pride movement in Kyiv and, “Transgender Life in
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