Mima & Marta

Dubbed by some “Croatian Ellen and Portia”, Mima Simić and Marta Šušak have been the most visible lesbian couple in Croatia. For the past decade they have been individually involved in numerous activist struggles and have employed various strategies in pursuing their activist goals. Marta is a polylingual porn researcher who has been the co-founder of the first – and so far the only – students’ LGBTQ initiative in Croatia, and Mima is a writer, film critic and an activist who has creatively raided countless TV shows and other media outlets to raise lesbian visibility in the conservative Catholic Croatia. This has earned her the title of the Croatian LGBT person of the decade. Their love for each other is only surpassed by their love for social change – after “marriage” was constitutionally defined as a heterosexual union thus outlawing gay couples, Mima and Marta went to Las Vegas and got married – just to have their wedding featured in the most popular Croatian women’s magazine, “Gloria”.
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