Natalia Karbowska

Natalia Karbowska has more than 20 years of experience in development work. Since 1997, Natalia has been working in the area of civil society development and women’s rights, first as the Women’s Program Director of the International Renaissance Foundation (Open Society Foundation) in Ukraine, then as the Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment Project at Winrock International and later as Deputy Director of USAID “Healthy women of Ukraine” Program. Natalia is the co-founder and director on strategic development of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund – the only women’s fund in Ukraine. Under her leadership the Fund has provided more than 3 million USD in grants to women’s rights NGOs in Ukraine and neighbor countries – Moldova and Belarus. Natalia is a Board member of Prospera – International network of women’s funds. Natalia believes that the voices and ideas of women and girls should be at the forefront of social change and women’s funds play important role in this providing them with access to resources, expertise, and structural support.
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