Sem Nagas

Workshop : “Imagine a queer and decolonial futur. » – Let’s make a collective fanzine Exhibitions 1. Vulva Chapel: embroidered vulvas 2. Nocturnal Bodies: collage and drawings The assemblages express the tension between a fantasized oriental past and an uncertain western future. From this tension emerge several forms of hybridity, monstrous survival. strategies, obligatory mutations. BIO – Writer, witch, zinemaker, anarchist, thinker, digital artist, needle craftist, healer, mother, organizer. My political view is queer and decolonial. I lived in France, Belgium and Tunisia. I’ve been part of radical feminist gangs. My energy goes to women, queer and trans people of color. I am in a lot of projects that give us more visibility and voice. Also I work to know more about our histories, how we can heal from trauma and restore our magical and political power. Why you think being part of EL*C it’s important? I believe lesbians can build bridges between communities, we already have a lot of political tools to explore the futur and new ways to connect to each other, we need more confidence, more space to make it happen.
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