Steph Florquin

ELC Co-secretary Steph is a lesbian feminist activist and social scientist specialised in gender equality. She has been involved in various feminist and LGBTQ/lesbian organisations and collectives in France and Belgium and has also dedicated her professional life to promoting the human rights of women, LGBTQI people and migrants working in the NGO sector on programming, advocacy and action research.   She grew up in Sweden and has spent her adult life between France and Belgium. After the first waves of the Covid-19 pandemic she left the big city (Brussels) and moved with her partner and cat to a small village in Southern rural France, where she now divides her time between her work for a local rural development NGO, climbing mountains and looking for lakes to swim in, helping her partner run a walkers hostel, doing consultancy work on EU projects, growing vegetables (and other things one does in the countryside), organising activities in her local community and lesbianizing the world as an ELC Board member.
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