Syinat Sultanalieva

Syinat Sultanalieva is a queer-feminist activist from Kyrgyzstan interested in sci-fi and decolonization of knowledge. She started her activism at LGBT organization “Labrys”, where at different points in time she worked as information and advocacy coordinator, executive director, chair of the Board, and now serves as a member of the organization’s General Assembly. Apart from that Syinat has been actively engaged in projects of the Bishkek Feminist Initiative, as well as the Kazakhstan Feminist Initiatve “Feminita”, where she currently is engaged on part-time basis as a strategic consultant. Recently Syinat has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on feminist narratives in Kyrgyzstan, where she came up with an idea of “nomadity of being” as an anti-thesis to “coloniality of being”. Her PhD degree was awarded by the University of Tsukuba, Japan, where she has lived for the last 4 years. She dreams to one day (hopefully sooner than later) visit Patagonia and specifically Tierra del Fuego, and to maybe get a Hugo award before she dies for her hopefully amazing queer sci-fi novel yet to be written.
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