Vesna Cerimovic

Born on 1991. Finished high-school: sales woman. Queer. Roma. Activist of the Association of Roma Novi Becej from May 1st 2010, certificated SOS Helpline consultant. On July 18th 2013 becomes the President of the Roma Women’s Center “Rromnjako Ilo” Zrenjanin. She is active in Roma communities on the issue the right to body, free choice of partner, education of Roma girls and healthy lifestyles. Since 2016 she is the Coordinator of the SOS Helpline on minority languages in Novi Becej. Trained to provide services and first instance counseling on sexual violence and rape. Skills for organizing events, project development and management, reporting. Trained researcher and poller. Advocacy skills on monitoring Roma Decade implementation. Influencing on increasing inclusion of the specific status of LBTIQ Roma women into all relevant gender and Roma population strategies. Award: “Prize for outstanding achievements in working and supporting vulnerable groups of women in rural and remote areas” BeFem 2020.
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