Yera Moreno Sainz-Ezquerra & Melani Penna Tosso

Workshop : “#basic code of lesbian gestures An artistic and activist project in which through photoperformance, public action and photographic record we seek to generate a code of lesbian gestures. BIO – Yera Moreno Sainz-Ezquerra is a feminist, visual artist, teacher and researcher. PHD in Philosophy. Melani Penna Tosso is a teacher, researcher and feminist activist, PHD in Education. Yera and Melani live in Madrid. They met and began to imagine and activate together different proposals from writing, audiovisual, photography and action. These projects are materialized in multiple formats such as workshops, visual and poetic archives and actions in public and private spaces. why you think being part of EL*C it’s important ? Because we are here and we are queer.
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