“We Are Here” (58 Min.) + Q&A (15 Min.) with Marie Vermeiren + Marie-Francoise

Marie Vermeiren is a filmmaker and organizer of cultural events around women artists. Since 2008, she’s an active member of the Women’s Film Festival ELLES TOURNENT in Brussels.

Synopsis/ Abstract:
WE ARE HERE by Shitou and Jing Zhao (Chine, 2016, 60’, vo Ch Eng Subt, st Fr).
Synopsis: Beijing, 1995. The Fourth UN Conference on Women breaks the taboos. The Chinese lesbian movement starts to grow, to the dismay of the authorities.

quote: « We Are Here » is a tour de force reconstruction of the NGO forums’ presence and impact at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. ZHANG ZHEN, DIRECTOR OF ASIAN FILM AND MEDIA INITIATIVE, NYU

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