„Welcome to LesbiaLand !!!“ by Paola Cavallin

Paola Cavallin’s
Comedia dell’Arte expert and performer, Paola has worked extensively with half mask in Italy with several directors, among many Eugenio de Giorgi of Teatro Olmetto. She trained in Commedia dell’Arte at the school of “Avogaria” in her home city of Venice, with Enrico Bonavera (of teatro “Il Piccolo, Milan) and Carlo Boso.

She is a renowned solo performer of her solo devised shows and she performed at several lesbian events and festivals in Italy and London for the past 20 years.

She is also director and workshop leader tutoring at many drama schools (East 15, Rose Bruford, Central School of Speech and Drama) and Universities in London. In Italy she directed several shows for CreActive, an Anglo-Italian company based in Milan, whilst in UK she directed Scaramouche, the Commedia dell’Arte Musical, which opened at Hoxton Hall, and Modern Times a Commedia show using the traditional masks, but set in a contemporary context.

‘Welcome to LesbiaLand!!!’ show by and with Paola Cavallin
A satire in light of the political situation in Italy: the cultural decline, the continuous attacks of the Vatican against gay
people and the growing of far-right movements.

2050: Planet Earth has reached its breaking point. The ice age is at its peak and the oceans have submerged parts of the dry land. Italy is controlled by a corrupted and sexist regime by more than 50 years. The Vatican has declared homosexuality illegal. A group of Italian lesbian refugees reaches the small island of Lesvos run by an European lesbian government. They follow their dream of an equal and safe society. Here the new refugees meet Clara, their appointed guide of the island, who will introduce them to this new world of sisterhood, solidarity and warmth typical of all lesbian communities. Or at least that is what they hope for!

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