CALL FOR TENDERS: Research on the Representation of Lesbians in Mass Media in Europe and Central Asia through Press Clippings

EL*C is pleased to announce a focused research initiative on the analysis of lesbian representation in media across Europe and Central Asia. This research will be conducted using a collection of press clippings sourced by EL*C through a third-party service, with the possibility of employing additional methods as proposed by the consultants involved.

The analysis aims to meticulously identify how lesbians are represented in the media, whether the portrayal is neutral, empowering, or perpetuates stereotypes and discrimination. A series of case studies will also be compiled to provide comprehensive insights into the state of lesbian representation across various media outlets in the selected countries.

Please check the Call for Tenders Terms of Reference for more information on the project.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting research on media representation, specifically focusing on gender, sexual orientation, or lesbian representation at national, European, Central Asian and international levels. 
  • Demonstrated strong skills in media content analysis, particularly in analyzing themes, stereotypes, and representations found in press clippings, articles, or other forms of mass media. 
  • Demonstrated feminist background, with a focus on how different social and identity categories intersect within media practices. 
  • Solid understanding of current and historical trends related to lesbian representation in media, as well as awareness of the broader challenges facing LBTI women and non-binary persons. 
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal, and project management skills. 
  • Sense of initiative and ability to be self-supporting, including ability to deliver under pressure and within tight deadlines. 
  • Excellent drafting skills and ability to render complex theoretical or methodological concepts understandable and communicable. 
  • Excellent English and excellent knowledge of another EU language. 
  • Good knowledge of an additional EU languages is a strong asset. 

In order to apply please submit via email at and by 15 September 2023 with the following documents:

➡ CV of the consultant detailing past and current professional experience 
➡ The Technical proposal
➡ The Provider, shall also send a quote (Pro Forma invoice) and including:

  • the Service Provider’s name and address;
  • its VAT number;
  • the full list of services;
  • the fee per type of deliverables (in the local currency, tax exclusive);
  • the total amount per type of deliverables (in the local currency, tax exclusive);
  • the total amount, tax exclusive, the applicable VAT rate, the amount of VAT and the amount VAT inclusive
  • the budget should include all costs related to this consultancy, including for example travel costs.

All documents shall be submitted in English, failure to do so will result in the exclusion of the tender. If any of the documents listed above are missing, EL*C reserve the right to reject the tender.


DOWLOAD THE CALL FOR TENDER: Call_for_Tenders-Media_Analysis_2023



Deadline: All documents (CV, Technical Proposal and Pro Forma invoice) should be submitted via e-mail to the following email addresses: by 15 September 2023 at 23:59 CET

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