EL*C is launching a call for tenders for services related to the Monitoring of the implementation of the recommendation CM/REC (2010)5 of the committee of ministers to member states on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.


We are looking for:

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting research on human rights standards, gender equality policies or LGBTI rights at national, European and international levels.
  • Experience working on the previous review of the CM Rec 2010(5) at national or European level is an advantage.
  • Excellent data analysis skills, especially in analysis of legal text, policy and practices by public authorities.
  • Demonstrated intersectional feminist background.
  • Volunteer or working experience within the LBTI movement
  • Good understanding of current and past struggles of LBTI women and non-binary persons.
  • Strong organisational, interpersonal, and project management skills.
  • Sense of initiative and ability to be self-supporting, including ability to deliver under pressure and within tight deadlines.
  • Excellent drafting skills and ability to render complex, technical and/or legal terminology understandable and communicable.
  • Excellent English and excellent knowledge of another EU language.
  • Good knowledge of additional EU languages is a strong asset.


In order to apply please submit via email at info@lesbiangenius.org by 1 December 2023 at 23:59 CET with the following documents:

➡ CV of the consultant detailing past and current professional experience
➡ The Technical proposal
➡ The Provider, shall also send a quote (Pro Forma invoice) and including:

  • the Service Provider’s name and address;
  • its VAT number;
  • the full list of services;
  • the fee per type of deliverables (in the local currency, tax exclusive);
  • the total amount per type of deliverables (in the local currency, tax exclusive);
  • the total amount, tax exclusive, the applicable VAT rate, the amount of VAT and the amount VAT inclusive
  • the budget should include all costs related to this consultancy, including for example travel costs.


All documents shall be submitted in English, failure to do so will result in the exclusion of the tender. If any of the documents listed above are missing, EL*C reserve the right to reject the tender.


DOWLOAD THE CALL FOR TENDER: Call for tenders – CM general review

DOWLOAD THE TEMPLATE FOR THE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL: Technical-Proposal-Template_CM general review


Deadline: All documents should be submitted via e-mail to the following email addresses: info@lesbiangenius.org by 1 December 2023 at 23:59 CET

The EU political landscape and public sphere still grapples with the diminished presence of women and historically underrepresented groups. Gender-based violence, racism and lesbophobia remain persistent obstacles, undermining their safety and security as well as sidelining them from pivotal decision-making roles. It is essential that we uncover the mechanisms jeopardizing democracy and reinforcing patriarchy by means of analysis and dialogue in a Lesbiennale of art, culture, activism and politics.


📆 Save the Dates:

📌 November 22, 9:30 AM – European Parliament, Strasbourg
📌 November 24, 6:30 PM – Schaerbeek Municipality, Brussels


EL*C – EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community and Observatoire de Violences Sexistes et Sexuelles en Politique jointly organize these significant events in the week of the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls. Our primary objective is to convene a collective reflection on strategies for catalyzing change and strengthening support for the emerging EU #MeToo movement in politics. 

These events will feature groundbreaking and influential lesbian transfeminist politicians, artists, journalists, and activists as they unite to engage in discussions and strategic planning for transformative change.

Bear witness to the official launch of the European #MeToo in Politics initiative and contribute to this monumental effort – streaming link available soon!

We warmly invite individuals and organizations to unite with us in this important initiative. Together, we are committed to overcoming the barriers that hinder gender equality in EU politics.

Together, we ignite the spark of revolution. We are the catalysts for change, and we will nurture an inclusive, equal, and equitable European political landscape. Join us in the battle for progress. #MeTooEU


In a world where financial challenges often loom large, THE ART OF EFFECTIVE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is a superpower we can all wield. Join us for an exciting journey into the realm of financial wizardry, guided by none other than Izabela Djordjevic, our very own “Spreadsheet Sorcerer.”


Financial management is the lifeblood of any organization, and it’s time to take your financial skills to the next level. Izabela Djordjevic, our expert Finance & Administrative Manager, will lead this two-part training series, designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to master your organization’s financial landscape.

What to Expect:

In these interactive sessions, Izabela will share her secrets to financial success, covering essential financial management principles and practices. Learn how to create and manage budgets, track expenses, and forecast financial needs with finesse. Izabela’s spreadsheet sorcery will demystify financial statements, helping you make informed decisions and steer your organization towards financial resilience.


  • Session 1: November 9th
  • Session 2: November 16th


Meet workshop leaders – Izabela Djordjevic and Anastasiia Danilova:

Izabela Djordjevic is our Finance & Administrative Manager, and she’s not just any financial guru; she’s a Spreadsheet Sorcerer. With a wealth of experience in financial management, she has transformed budgets and spreadsheets into powerful tools for financial empowerment. Izabela’s expertise will unravel the complexities of finance, making it accessible and engaging for all. Anastasiia Danilova, our Advocacy and Community Engagement manager, will help Izabela and you on this journey. She used to be an Executive director of our Moldovan member organization GENDERDOC-M information centre and has 13 years of financial management experience

Who Can Attend:

This training is open to all, but mainly for someone new to the financial world. If you want to level up your financial management skills, this training is for you.

Secure Your Spot:

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a financial wizard with Izabela Djordjevic. Secure your spot today by registering for this exclusive training.


Explore the Q&A guide for the EL*C Grants Call for Proposals 2023.

This document aims to address common queries about the application process, eligibility criteria, project activities, costs & budget, project implementation and reporting. Dive in to gain a comprehensive understanding of this year’s exciting opportunities and if you have more question, please register for our last Info Session on the 30 Oct at 14:00 or send us an email at grants@lesbiangenius.org.

[ DOWNLOAD Q&A EL*C Grants 2023 ]


Application Process

Q: How many applications can an applicant submit?


Q: Can you provide us with an example application?

We provided an example for the budget in the application form. Other questions are rather straightforward. However, if you have any questions regarding the application form, please send us an email to grants@lesbiangenius.org

Q: Is this a one-off opportunity to apply for grants or do you plan to continue with such regranting programs in the future?

This is not a one-off opportunity. We plan to continue with similar regranting programs. The EU’s CERV programme which is co-funding this program, is spanning several years, and we are also working on securing further resources.

Q: We understand that English is the preferred language of application. Can we apply in other languages as well?

Yes, you can apply in other languages as well. We added application forms in several languages to our grants webpage (French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish), however you may also submit your application in any other language of the EU.

Q: Is the info session being recorded?

No. Instead, we will take your questions and add them to the Q&A document so that everybody can read them.

Q: Can you share the presentation (that you showed in the info session) online?

There is nothing confidential in the presentation as it summarizes key points from the Call for Proposals, however, we would prefer not to share it as it may create confusion if some people believe it contains new information. For instance, the presentation lists exactly the same eligible activities that the call for proposal also lists, however for someone thinking that the presentation is new, it will take 15 minutes to double-check if the activities are the same in the two documents.



Q: Does the project have to be a new project, or can it be the continuation of an earlier project/ activity?

It does not have to be a completely new project. You may decide to continue an earlier project or activity.

Q: It is clear that only EL*C members from the EU are eligible to apply. But I have a question on associate membership and the legal registration status. We have a legally registered entity which is also an EL*C member; and this entity has an LBQ subgroup which is not legally registered and is an associate member of EL*C. Can the latter apply? If not, can the main organization apply saying that the project is for its LBQ subgroup?

Only the main organizations can apply as the applicant has to be legally registered and it also has to have full EL*C membership. Having said that, it may apply saying that the project is for its LBQ subgroup.

Q: If we are not yet an EL*C member, how can we apply for this grants program?

You first need to apply for full membership, which is a completely separate process. There is guidance on the EL*C website on how to apply for full membership. https://lesbiangenius.org/membership/ Please note that full membership is only available for lesbian*-led and lesbian*-focused groups. You will need to go through several steps in order to become a full member. First, you need to fill in an online application request. This will be followed by a conversation with an EL*C staff member. Lastly, EL*C’s board will make a decision about approval. Once there is a formally confirmed approval about membership, you can then submit the application to the grants program. Please note that the application process takes some time thus we encourage you to start the membership application process as soon as possible.

Q: Is it true that EL*C member organizations have to pay 5 EUR every month for membership?

No. EL*C members do not have to pay a membership fee.

Q: We are a feminist collective. We are not legally registered as an NGO, but we are in the process of becoming a cultural organization. Are we eligible to apply?

No. You would need to be legally registered first. Then you would need to go through the EL*C membership application process. When both of these processes are completed, you would be able to apply for EL*C grants.


Project Activities

Q: In the application form there are two footnotes specifying the objectives and the activities that can be included in the project. Do we need to use these very expressions, or can we use our own words when describing objectives and activities?

It would be very helpful if you could use the objectives and activities included in those footnotes, as this would help the reviewers identify if your planned objectives and activities can be funded under this call for proposals. Having said that, if you prefer to use your own words, we will do our best in deciding if these are aligned with the listed objectives and activities.

Q: A lot of what we do is related to empowerment and community building with our lesbian* community. We do not engage in advocacy or monitoring activities. Can we still apply under this call for proposal? I am asking because we did not see empowerment as an objective/ activity among the listed items.

While empowerment as a word is not mentioned in the call for proposals, there are objectives and activities closely related with your work. Strengthening NGO capacity in order to protect and promote rights, for instance, could be a relevant objective for your work. In terms of activities, community building and also provision of services for community members, as well as organizing trainings, events, workshops etc. could all be strongly connected to your work. Lastly, you may also consider launching any new activity that you did not do this far with the help of this potential grant.

Q: Can we combine very different activities in the same project application? For instance, we may want to do some workshops for members of our community. At the same time, we also want to focus on our own NGO, that is, we would like to reorganize internally and also want to do some training sessions and meetings for our staff. Could all of these be included in the same project?

Yes, you can include very different activities in the same project, as long as they serve the project’s objectives. In the above-mentioned example, you may want to suggest an activity focusing on community building – and it may include one or more workshops depending on your objectives. You may add another activity that focuses on organizational development, here you could include rethinking of your NGO’s structure or processes on your own or with the help of a consultant. Lastly, you may include a third activity focusing on professional development for your staff where you can provide training, coaching or other forms of skill-building, for instance.

Q: Is there a maximum on how many activities we should include in the project? Do you have a recommended number of activities?

There is neither a maximum, nor a recommended number of activities. In the budget template we included four activities, but you may include less or more, depending on your needs.

Q: How detailed should be our explanation of activities? If there are several very different activities serving the same objective, do we need to explain how those very different activities are contributing to the objective?

Brief explanations are sufficient. If you state your objectives clearly and the activities clearly this should suffice.

Q: Let us say that we have some funding to cover the cost of psychological counselling for our community members, but it is not enough for the whole year, maybe just for six months. Can we include in the project the cost of the other six months of psychological counselling?


Q: We understand that if our project receives funding, it has to start in December. Is it enough to plan for just doing something small in December, for instance, a kick-off meeting with the people who will take part in the project?

Yes, a first meeting is enough. It is even enough if you just start the planning for the project. It is clear that most work will take place in 2024, thus it is enough if you just start with something small like the first steps for planning.

Q: We would like to do an art exhibition for and by the LBTI community. It will be a public exhibition. Could this qualify under the objective of raising awareness, raising visibility?


Q: I am wondering what sort of services can be included in the project activities. Can you give us some examples?

Direct services provided by the organization for members of the community can be included. For instance, legal aid and psychological support services can be included since these are typically provided by and through the applicant. If you are in doubt about including a specific service, please send us an email to grants@lesbiangenius.org


Cost & Budget

Q: Can we include staff costs in the budget?

Yes, these should be included under “personnel costs”.

Q: Can we include core operational costs, such as rent, electricity, maintenance?

Yes, you may include such costs as long as these are reasonable and can be related to the activities and objectives. Please see our example for this in the “other costs” section of activity one in the budget example within the application form.

Q: We are working in partnership with African lesbians. Can we include activities and costs in the project that are incurred by these partners in Africa, for instance, for their Zoom subscriptions in Africa and for their possible travel costs to Europe?

Unfortunately, not. The project activities have to serve objectives of actors/ communities within the EU, they have to take place within the European Union and the costs also have to be incurred within the EU.

Q: Do we have a better chance for getting the requested funding if we ask for a lower amount, and not the maximum of 20,000 EUR?

No. The requested amount does not influence your chances of getting the funding. In fact, we encourage you to make sure that you are requesting sufficient funding for your planned activities as lesbian* groups have a tendency to work for free.


Project Implementation & Reporting

Q: You mentioned that if our project gets approved, payment of the grant will happen in December. Does that mean that this grant will be income/ revenue for 2023? This could be an issue for some NGOs, especially if they have no costs in 2023.

Yes, the payments must be done in 2023. We understand that this can be an issue for some applicants. Starting the project in December could produce some costs for 2023, although we recognize that most costs will only emerge in 2024.

Q: What happens if we cannot spend all the money by the end of the grant period?

In that case you would need to pay the remaining funds back. Thus, we would suggest that instead of paying it back, you plan your expenditures well and spend it along the project’s objectives and activities. If you need to change the budget during the grant period, you are welcome to reach out to us requesting the change. As long as the project’s objectives are still valid, we will be supportive of changes in the budget. Having said that, you will need to reach out to us requesting the approval of the budget adjustment as soon as you realize that a change is needed.

Q: What happens if we are delayed with some activities?

We request that once you see that you are being delayed you reach out to us immediately so that we can try to find a solution on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How will reporting look like?

Formal reporting will take place after the end of the grant period: you will have 30 days to send us the final report. The reporting template is simple, it consists of a couple of simple questions about the project, and in addition you will need to submit the budget about the actual spending. We will ask you to use the same budget you included in the application, indicating both the planned and the actual spending.

Q: So, prior to the final report we will not be in touch?

In addition to the above-mentioned formal reporting, during the project implementation we will be in touch with you on a regular basis including calls or even potentially visits in order to provide support or assistance as needed. You may reach out to us any time during the grant period, and we will also contact you.

Româna mai jos

Our colleague and EL*C member Oana Dorobantu had to face lesbophobic discrimination yesterday, when she tried to print flyers addressing violence against lesbians for the March for Women’s Safety in Bucharest (see below). The print shop they contacted (Easy Print Center SRL), firstly accepted to perform the work, and then abruptly refused to fulfil the order. After contacting a representative, it became evident that the refusal was motivated by lesbophobia. With Oana’s consent, we have chosen to share the recorded conversation in its entirety, accompanied by English subtitles. 

The company’s representative displayed a callous disregard, refusing service due to their opposition to the lesbian movement. They employed anti-gender rhetoric, invoking the “right to freedom of consciousness,” and resorted to well-worn tactics of violence against lesbians, including the fetishization of lesbianism (e.g., associating lesbians with pornography) and espousing lesbophobic and dogmatic theological statements (e.g., asserting lesbianism is “against nature” with reference to a higher power, God). 

According to our Observatory on Lesbophobia 2019 to 2022, the FRA 2019 LGBTI survey and the recently released Barometer on the Opinion Concerning the LGBT community in Romania, lesbian rights are routinely violated, and discrimination against lesbians remains unaddressed in Romania and in the rest of Europe. Oana has decided to file a complaint with the Romanian equality body, CNCD – Centrul Național de Combatere a Discriminării (National Center for Combating Discrimination), citing hate speech and discrimination based on sexual orientation. 

EL*C stands firmly in solidarity with Oana and every lesbian as they pursue justice in the face of lesbophobia. We emphasize that this incident unequivocally constitutes an act of lesbophobia — an intersectional form of violence arising from the convergence of sexism and heteronormativity. Frequently overlooked in legal proceedings, lesbophobia represents a deeply ingrained and normalized manifestation of hate speech and discrimination against lesbians. It is imperative that we acknowledge and address this specific form of discrimination to realize true human rights equality for lesbians. 


The fact that this act of discrimination is happening on the eve of the March for Women’s Safety is a stark reminder of how lesbian mobilization is key within the feminist and LGBTI movement. We encourage every person to join Oana and their fellow lesbian activists during the March in Bucharest (TNB) on Sunday 22 Oct at 15:00 and we encourage everyone who suffered discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and/or sex characteristics to come forward if they can. EL*C stand in solidarity with Oana in their proceedings and will closely monitor this case. A swift and equitable decision from the Romanian equality body that condemns lesbophobia and upholds fundamental human rights is key. 



Luare De Poziție A EL*C În Cazul de Lesbofobie din România

Colega noastră Oana Dorobanțu, membră EL*C, s-a confruntat ieri cu o formă de discriminare lesbofobă. Atunci când încercat să tipărească pliante despre violența împotriva lesbienelor (vezi mai jos) pentru Marșul pentru Siguranța Femeilor din București, tipografia pe care a contactat-o (Easy Print Center SRL) a acceptat inițial să execute lucrarea, iar apoi a refuzat brusc să onoreze comanda. În cursul unei discuții telefonice cu un reprezentant al companiei, a devenit evident că refuzul a fost motivat de lesbofobie. Cu acordul Oanei, am ales să facem publică conversația înregistrată în întregime, însoțită de subtitrări în limba engleză.  

Reprezentantul companiei a recunoscut că refuzul serviciul este motivat de dezacordul său față de mișcarea lesbiană. Acesta a folosit o retorică împotriva genului, invocând “dreptul la libertatea conștiinței” și au recurs la tactici de violență binecunoscute împotriva lesbienelor, inclusiv fetișizarea lesbianismului (asocierea lesbienelor cu pornografia) și exprimarea unui dogmatism teologic lesbofob (afirmarea că lesbianismul este “împotriva firii” cu referire la Dumnezeu).  

Potrivit Observatorului nostru privind lesbofobia 2019-2022, a sondajului FRA 2019 LGBTI și a recent publicatului Barometru de opinie asupra comunității LGBT din România, drepturile lesbienelor sunt încălcate în mod obișnuit, iar discriminarea împotriva lesbienelor rămâne neabordată în România și în restul Europei. Oana a decis să depună o plângere la CNCD – Consiliul Național de Combatere a Discriminării, invocând discurs instigator la ură și discriminarea pe bază de orientare sexuală.  

EL*C își exprimă solidaritatea față de Oana și față de fiecare lesbiană care își caută dreptatea în fața lesbofobiei. Subliniem faptul că acest incident constituie un act de lesbofobie – o formă intersecțională de violență care rezultă din îmbină sexismul și heteronormativitatea. Frecvent trecută cu vederea în procedurile legale, lesbofobia reprezintă o manifestare profund înrădăcinată și normalizată a discursului de ură și a discriminării împotriva lesbienelor. Este necesar să recunoaștem și să abordăm această formă specifică de discriminare pentru a materializa egalitate în materie de drepturile omului pentru lesbiene.  

Faptul că acest act de discriminare are loc în ajunul Marșului pentru Siguranța Femeilor este o demonstrație clară a modului în care mobilizarea lesbienelor este esențială în cadrul mișcării feministe și LGBTI. Încurajăm fiecare persoană să se alăture Oanei și activistelor lesbiene în timpul Marșului din București (TNB) de duminică, 22 octombrie, la ora 15:00 și încurajăm pe toți cei care au suferit discriminare pe baza orientării sexuale, identității de gen, expresiei de gen și/sau caracteristicilor sexuale să ia măsurile necesare dacă pot. EL*C își exprimă solidaritatea față de Oana în procesul său și va monitoriza îndeaproape acest caz. Este necesară decizie rapidă și echitabilă din partea Consiliului Național pentru Combaterea Discriminării, care să condamne lesbofobia și să susțină drepturile fundamentale ale omului, este esențială. 


Pliantul în cauză:

In collaboration with IGLYO, EL*C is currently conducting research dedicated to exploring the needs, challenges, and lived experiences of lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex (LBTQI) girls, young women, non-binary and gender diverse youth between the ages of 15 and 30, residing in Europe.




This research is of utmost importance as it serves as a pulse check for our community, ensuring that the voices of LBTQI girls, young women, and non-binary youth are heard and represented. Your participation will directly contribute to advocacy efforts and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of individuals within this diverse and vibrant community.

If you identify as an LBTQI girl, young woman, or non-binary youth within the 15-30 age range, we strongly encourage you to participate in our survey. Your input is crucial in providing insights into the community you belong to and your unique needs, challenges, and experiences.

Completing the survey will take about 15 minutes and is entirely anonymous. Please respond truthfully to each question. We sincerely appreciate your contribution!

This research is co-led by IGLYO and EL*C in collaboration with LabCom Research and Action for Psychosocial Well-being and the University of Florence, and co-funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) 2021-2027 programme of the European Union. The contents of the survey are the sole responsibility of EL*C and IGLYO and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.

Français ci-dessous

We, at EL*C, strongly condemn the pervasive and harmful specter of lesbophobia that continues to cast its shadow across our communities, infringing on lesbians’ basic human rights. Today, we welcome and applaud the decision of the Swiss court in sentencing far-right personality Alain Soral to prison for defamation, discrimination, and incitement to hatred following his deplorable lesbophobic hate speech against a journalist. 

Lesbophobia is not a singular, isolated act of discrimination. It exists at the intricate blend of misogyny and heteronormativity, creating a unique form of discrimination that specifically targets lesbian women and non-binary persons. By failing to name and address lesbophobia in its specific contours, institutions directly perpetuate harm and become complicit in the very oppression they claim to oppose. 

Hate speech is not just words; it’s a catalyst. EL*C’s Observatory on Lesbophobia 2019-2022 has documented how hate speech against lesbians, when normalized in society, escalates into tangible, physical violence. In the past three years in Europe and Central Asia, we have witnessed over 200 heinous cases of lesbophobic violence which include hate speech, corrective rapes, and, tragically, murder. It is a chilling testament to the devastating effects of unchecked prejudice. 

Alain Soral’s conviction is a stark reminder that lesbophobia, in any form, will not be tolerated. But it should also serve as a wake-up call. A call to rally against the rise of far-right narratives that endagers our democracies. A call to unequivocally affirm that lesbophobia, like all forms of discrimination, has no place in our societies. 

EL*C reiterates our commitment to relentlessly combat lesbophobia and stand in unwavering solidarity with every lesbian who has faced or continues to face the brunt of such discrimination. For every lesbian silenced by hate, we fight back. No rest until lesbophobia is eradicated. 


EL*C – EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community is the largest lesbian feminist and intersectional network in Europe and Central Asia. EL*C main goal is to advocate for the multitude of needs surrounding the rights, the visibility and the well-being of lesbians throughout Europe and Central Asia. 




Avec EL*C contre la lesbophobie: Alain Soral, personnalité d’extrême droite, risque la prison  

 EL*C condamne fermement l’omniprésent et nuisible lesbophobie qui continue à jeter son ombre sur nos communautés, portant atteinte aux droits humains fondamentaux des lesbiennes. Aujourd’hui, nous applaudissons la décision du tribunal suisse de condamner la personnalité d’extrême droite Alain Soral à une peine de prison pour diffamation, discrimination et incitation à la haine suite à son déplorable discours de haine lesbophobe à l’encontre d’une journaliste.  

La lesbophobie n’est pas un acte de discrimination unique et isolé. Elle existe à la croisée de la misogynie et de l’hétéronormativité, créant une forme unique de discrimination qui cible spécifiquement les femmes lesbiennes et les personnes non binaires. En ne nommant pas et en ne traitant pas la lesbophobie dans ses contours spécifiques, les institutions deviennent complices de l’oppression même à laquelle elles prétendent s’opposer.  

Les discours de haine ne sont pas simples motsot, ce sont des catalyseurs. Dans son Observatoire de la lesbophobie 2019-2022, l’EL*C a montré comment les discours de haine à l’encontre des lesbiennes, lorsqu’ils sont normalisés dans la société, se transforment en violence physique tangible. Au cours des trois dernières années en Europe et en Asie centrale, nous avons été témoins de plus de 200 cas de violence lesbophobe qui comprennent des discours de haine, des viols correctifs et, tragiquement, des meurtres. C’est un témoignage effrayant des effets dévastateurs des préjugés incontrôlés. 

La condamnation d’Alain Soral est un rappel brutal que la lesbophobie, sous quelque forme que ce soit, ne sera pas tolérée. Mais elle devrait également servir de signal d’alarme. Un appel à se mobiliser contre la montée des récits d’extrême droite qui mettent en péril nos démocraties. Un appel à affirmer sans équivoque que la lesbophobie, comme toutes les formes de discrimination, n’a pas sa place dans nos sociétés.  

L’EL*C réitère son engagement à combattre sans relâche la lesbophobie et à faire preuve d’une solidarité inébranlable avec toutes les lesbiennes qui ont été ou continuent d’être victimes d’une telle discrimination. Pour chaque lesbienne réduite au silence par la haine, nous ripostons. Pas de répit tant que la lesbophobie n’aura pas été éradiquée.  


EL*C – EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community est le plus grand réseau lesbien féministe et intersectionnel d’Europe et d’Asie centrale. L’objectif principal d’EL*C est de défendre la multitude de besoins entourant les droits, la visibilité et le bien-être des lesbiennes à travers l’Europe et l’Asie centrale.

Lesbian activism remains an outstandingly underfunded sector within civil society, a fact substantiated by numerous studies. Throughout our activist journeys, we have continually grappled with the discouraging scarcity of resources allocated to address our unique needs.  

This lack of funding has pushed EL*C to take a bold step: resourcing the movement through regranting funds. These efforts aim not just to strengthen our community, but also to make lesbian activism more powerful, moving us closer to a fairer world for lesbians. 

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today, 02.10.2023, the EL*C Grants program is up and running. Thanks to generous support from the European Commission, the EL*C Grants initiative enthusiastically invites all registered member organizations of the EL*C within the European Union, including their overseas territories, to join in.  

Find out more and apply on our dedicated call for proposals page with the application form available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and German, and with increased readability options for persons with ADHD or dyslexia. If you are more comfortable writing the application in a different EU language, this is also a possibility. Having said that, if you are able to write the proposal in English, we encourage you to do so. 

What can get funded? 

  • Desk research, baseline studies can be included (yet research cannot be the main goal of the project)  
  • Training actions, study visits, field trips and internships  
  • Facilitation of contacts, consultations and discussions between different stakeholders 
  • Communication and information activities, including media work  
  • Organization of conferences, roundtables, workshops and seminars  
  • Promotion of the implementation of adopted laws and regulations  
  • Advocacy for the revision of existing legislation and adoption of new legislation in accordance with EU standards and requirements  
  • Establishment or continuation of dialogue with political parties, parliamentarians, legislative bodies, local municipality decision-makers or relevant authorities  
  • Monitoring of national or local laws and policies, as well as monitoring international commitments, publication of monitoring reports  
  • Drafting policy or legislative recommendations  
  • Public awareness raising campaigns, including raising lesbian visibility campaigns  
  • Publication of leaflets, manuals on best practice  
  • Testing of innovative approaches that lead to better protection of rights  
  • Internal/organizational capacity development activities  
  • Community building, community strengthening activities including outreach and organizing 
  • Provision of services to community members (for example psycho-social support, legal aid, other services). 

For more information, we have dedicated info sessions on the following dates, pre-register for participation here: 

  • 09 Oct 2023 at 9:00 AM CET  
  • 16 Oct 2023 at 5:00 PM CET 
  • 30 Oct 2023 at 2:00 PM CET 

For more information about this call for proposal please read carefully the Call for Proposals document. For any doubts or questions, we are here to answer you! Reach us at grants@lesbiangenius.org by 14.11.2023 for answers to any questions big or small. 


NOTE: We’re also actively working on ways to grow our granting efforts, extending to our valued member organizations outside of the EU. 

[ 🇰🇿 Қазақша – төменде & 🇷🇺 Русский – ниже ] 

Starting TODAY (29.09.2023) until 31st October 2023, we are accepting scholarship applications!

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 6.11.2023, 23:59 CET

EL*C is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that lesbians, regardless of their resources or means, have a seat at the table. While we aspire to support everyone, there might be limits to how many scholarships we can cover.  

Whether it’s travel, accommodation, or food you’re pondering over, we’ve got your back. The Conference ticket? Yep, that’s included too! Grab your sunset flags and swipe right on this opportunity, lesbians!  


🔥 Apply now! 🔥 


Stay on the lookout! 🎟 Registration and ticket details coming your way soon.
Hint: Joining the EL*C community lets us share experiences and benefits like special ticket rates. Have you signed up to be an EL*C member? 

Get set for impactful discussions, empowering workshops, memorable connections, and of course, a little (or a lot of) fun! EL*C and our Kazakh partner Feminita are excited to see you in Almaty, 7-10 Oct 2024! 


P.S. Ready your activist flair. Together, we’ll make waves in Almaty! ️‍💪 



Бүгін 6.11.2023, 23:59 CET бастап қаржылай көмек сұранысын жинап бастаймыз!

Ниет білдірген әрбір лесбиан шама-шарқына қарамай іс-шарадан қалмауына EL*C бар жүрегімен тілеулес. Қатысуға ниетті бәрін қолдауға тырысқанмен қаржылай көмек қылуға шектеу бар.

Жол шығыны, тұратын жер, ішер ас болсын біз жабуға тырысып бағамыз. Конференцияға кірер билет пе? Әрине, оны да береміз. Жалауды желбіретіп, таңдау жасаңыз, лесбиан құрбы!


🔥 Тапысыс берем! 🔥 


Құлаққағыс: EL*C қауымына қосылсаңыз арнайы жол билет алу мүмкіндік болады. EL*C қауымына мүше болуды білесіз бе? 

Әсері мол талқы, қолдауы көп сессия, ұмытылмас байланыс, оған қоса әрине азғантай (немесе көп) ойын-күлкіге дайын болыңыз! EL*C мен оған құрбы Феминита сізді Алматыда, 7-10 қазан 2024 жылы қуана қарсы алады! 

P.S. Белсенді жан-тәніңізбен келіңіз. Алматыны бірге толқытамыз! ️‍💪 





Начиная с СЕГОДНЯ (29.09.2023) и до 6 ноября 2023, 23:59 CET года мы принимаем заявки на стипендию! СРОК подачи заявок продлен!

EL*C искренне стремится обеспечить, чтобы лесбиянки, независимо от их ресурсов и средств, имели возможность участвовать.  Хотя мы будем пытаться поддержать всех, к сожалению, стипендии, которые мы можем покрыть, могут быть ограничены.

Будь то дорога, проживание или еда – мы поддержим вас. Билет на конференцию? Да, это тоже включено! Берите свои флаги цвета заката и смахните эту возможность вправо!

🔥 Подавайся сейчас! 🔥 


Будьте начеку! 🎟 Информация о регистрации и билетах появится в ближайшее время. 

Подсказка: присоединение к EL*C сообществу позволяет нам делиться опытом и преимуществами, такими как специальные цены на билеты. А вы зарегистрировались как членка EL*C? 

Приготовьтесь к плодотворным дискуссиям, вдохновляющим семинарам, незабываемым знакомствам и, конечно же, небольшому (или большому) веселью! EL*C и наша партнерская организация в Казахстане Феминита рады видеть вас в Алматы 7-10 октября 2024 года! 

P.S. Готовьте свой активистский талант. Вместе мы сделаем фурор в Алматы! ️‍💪

In a societal environment where lesbian needs and interests are often sidelined, the funding landscape offers a bleak picture. Data and our lived experience highlight the chronic underfunding of lesbian organizations in both the women’s rights and the broader LGBTI movements. Historically, donors have overlooked and deprioritized lesbian projects, and the scant funds available for lesbian-centric endevors often go to general LGBTI and other human rights organizations instead. As the socio-political environment increasingly embroiled with hostile, anti-gender conservative agendas, furthers the robust need for financial empowerment in lesbian community. Now is the time to take what’s rightfully ours!

LESBIAN HOLD-UP: LET’S TAKE WHAT’S OURS! fundraising training module unfolds the basic principles of fundraising while fostering a mindset shift to shatter traditional financial glass ceilings. It explores the various types of grant-makers aligning their potential with the mission of lesbian organizations, crafting compelling funding proposals to captivate donors, and nurturing enduring relationships with grant-makers—a cornerstone for sustained financial support. Spanning two sessions, this training is designed to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the myriad of fundraising opportunities, offering insights into diversifying sources of funding. By the end, your organization will adeptly manage the donor ecosystem, advancing significantly towards financial resilience and autonomy.



Admittance open to EL*C members only (organizations and individuals).


This training is structured across two sessions: the first session will be conducted on 12th October, and the subsequent session on 19th October. Your instructor is Dragana Todorović.

Dragana Todorović is the highly proficient Executive Director at EL*C, spearheading strategic development and fundraising. With a profound commitment to the lesbian movement and an entrepreneurial outlook that disregards the term “impossible,” Dragana continually expands the horizon of lesbian advocacy. Her extensive experience spans the private sector, governmental institutions, and both national and regional NGOs. This dedicated Yugoslavian activist notably initiated the Balkan LGBTI network – ERA, serving as its Executive Co-Director for a notable 7-year tenure.


Admittance open to EL*C member organizations and member individuals.

Secure your spot: REGISTER NOW!


This training session will later be available as a recording for EL*C members. Become an EL*C member!