Join us for a training module on media strategies and public visibility, designed to amplify the communication skills within the lesbian movement. In a media landscape where voices can shape futures, traditional communication models — shaped by colonial, patriarchal, and capitalist structures — often fail to capture the essence and needs of lesbian-centric and feminist organizations. These approaches overlook the depth and authenticity that our lesbian genius brings to the table. 

During this module, Oana Dorobantu will apply a decolonial feminist approach to dismantle the patriarchal biases in current communication strategies. By reimagining public relations tools through a lesbian feminist lens, we transform these tools from mechanisms of domination into instruments of empowerment and solidarity, amplifying voices that have been historically sidelined. Inspired by the transformative journeys of fairy tale characters who overcome obstacles to rewrite their destinies, this training module empowers participants to redefine engagement and influence. Learn how to build and change narratives that challenge inequities, ensuring every word we share contributes to the movement for lesbian visibility and rights. 




This training is structured across two sessions: the first session will be conducted on 18th July, and the subsequent session on 25th July.

Oana Dorobanțu (they/she) is a seasoned communicator with 15 years of experience across public relations, social media, journalism, and feminist organizing, enriched by a deep commitment to decolonial anti-racist education. At EL*C, Oana has excelled as the Media Manager, social media fairy, lesbian-genius illustrator and ad-hoc graphic designer, consistently amplifying and celebrating lesbian voices through innovative and impactful media strategies.


Admittance open to EL*C member organizations and member individuals.

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