EL*C meets with the European Parliament’s’ Intergroup for LGBTI rights in Brussels

From May 30-31, EL*C Board Members Alice Coffin, Silvia Casalino, and Mariella Müller were in Brussels to meet with MPs, Members of the European Parliament’s LGBT Intergroup and representatives from European institutions dedicated to advancing women’s rights. We are pleased to report that EL*C Board Members were warmly welcomed the Intergroup on LGBT Rights’ Co-President, Ulrike Lunacek, her staff and all those in attendance.

EL*C generated enthusiasm, with tangible results, including:

  • Commitment of MPs to reach out to lesbian groups and individuals in their respective countries to encourage their constituents to support the EL*C movement, raise sponsorship, and attendance at the October event.
  • Gaining support and enthusiasm of numerous representatives of European institutions whose common objectives include advancing women’s rights. We are pleased to note that the European Women’s Lobby particularly expressed willingness to ensure experts are in attendance at our event in October.
  • Raising awareness amongst the incredible individual lesbians that they met, many of whom were not yet aware of EL*C, but pledged to be a part of the event in October.
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