EL*C RECRUIT an Advocacy and Research Manager

JOB DESCRIPTIONS – Advocacy and Research Manager 

Job title: Advocacy and Research Manager

Contract duration: permanent-unlimited

Monthly salary: 2.000,00 EUR (Gross II)

Working hours: half time (20 hours a week)

Location: Europe or Central Asia


EL*C Presentation:

The EL*C – EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community is a non-governmental organisation, representing the needs of lesbian, queer, bi and trans women and of lesbian organisations, formally established in 2017 in Vienna, Austria. EL*C aims to advocate for lesbian rights in Europe and Central Asia. EL*C has been established as a pan-European- Central Asian Lesbian Network, driven by the objective of increasing the visibility of lesbian issues in all spheres, including social, legal, health, and political ones. The EL*C was founded with the aim to improve the lives of lesbians and to (re)build the lesbian movement, as a response to the growing lack of the fundamental structures, tools and mechanisms to fight lesbophobia, sexism, misogyny, transphobia and all other types of discrimination experienced daily by lesbians.

The EL*C uses the word “lesbian” as a broad inclusive term, including lesbians who identify as trans, non-binary, as well as intersex lesbians, and bisexual or queer women. For this reason, in the following report, unless otherwise specified, the term “lesbian” includes all non-heterosexual LBTIQ women, in line with EL*C’s policy to give visibility and empowerment through the use of the word “lesbian”. We will also refer to lesbian organisations to include all groups focused on and led by LBTIQ women.

Job summary:

The role is vital for achieving EL*C’s mission and strategic goals, development of the organization and its sustainability, its commitment to high standards of practice in conducting advocacy and research, and positioning EL*C as one of the most important actors in advocating for the rights of lesbians in Europe and Central Asia. The main aim of this position is to ensure that human rights of lesbians are advocated for, while including all relevant stakeholders on national, regional and international levels, while building on the previous work of EL*C in the area, and in accordance with EL*C’s strategic priorities. In addition, this position also serves to work on and manage gathering and disseminating relevant, up to date and accessible knowledge and data about the position of lesbians, while using it for evidence-based advocacy activities. The Advocacy and Research Manager works closely with Executive Co-Directors, and other staff members.

The role of the Advocacy and Research Manager will be to support the organization by coordinating EL*C’s actions in the fields of advocacy and research, building from EL*C previous work in the area and considering EL*C strategic needs.

Please note that this is a part-time position, but the following description of tasks is very extensive and detailed. The work will be trimmed to half time with a careful consideration of the wellbeing of the person chosen for this role. In the future, this position can be transformed to full time depending on fundings.

Main duties and responsibilities:

– Advocacy: build and maintain good partnerships with key stakeholders on national, regional and international levels; engaging in advocacy activities with the EU institutions, Council of Europe and UN mechanisms, as well as other relevant advocacy forums; intensive and continuous monitoring of national, regional and international developments and opportunities, and engaging in timely advocacy and lobbying activities; track local, regional and international legislative and policy issues and develop/modify strategies and activities accordingly; develop issue-oriented advocacy content for communication vehicles such as position papers, recommendations, emails, websites, social media, etc.; consolidate advocacy and research priorities and make sure that one underpins the other; develop short term and long term advocacy strategies; collect and analyze best practices in the field of advocacy; engage in regular consultations with member organizations; assist and support EL*C member organizations in their advocacy activities; participate in advocacy related capacity development activities;

– Monitoring and Research: gather, analyze and monitor data, policies and processes of relevance for utilization of EU, Council of Europe and UN mechanisms and procedures for advancing the rights of lesbians; draft reports, policy briefs, recommendations; develop and implement monitoring methodologies; identify gaps and needs in terms of data gathering/research; manage qualitative and quantitative research activities; develop short term and long term monitoring, research and analysis programs; collect and maintain up-to-date data on key policy and advocacy issues; participate in monitoring and research capacity development activities; consolidate advocacy and research priorities and make sure that one underpins the other; collect and analyze best practices in the field of monitoring and research;
In charge of the internal processes needed for the conducting a consultation on advocacy priorities, for the implementation of International stakeholders (as EU, UN and CoE) specific strategies concerning lesbians, with NGOs and groups that are members of EL*C in the Lesbian Movement Committee (LMC) by designing and conducting an effective consultation process and producing a document summarizing the conclusions reached as well as the recommendations and steps forward for the work with EU Institutions.

– Drafting and development of all the EL*C research reports as well as in the definition of recommendations for all relevant stakeholders.

– Conducting a consultation with the lesbian movement needed to fulfil EL*C role as leader of the UN Action Coalition on Feminist movements and leadership. The research and advocacy manager will also provide expertise and will draft relevant documents and submissions necessary in the Action Coalition process.

– Expertise, coordination and drafting on several submissions that EL*C is planning to present to relevant stakeholders and actors at global and European level, including but not limited to institutions belonging to the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and relevant national government and courts. This work will include the collection of data and information, outreach to relevant staff and board members for specific inputs and contacts with relevant policy makers in the Institutions targeted and/or other relevant actors.

– Constant management of ongoing advocacy activities and processes, including monitoring of the institutions specified above as well as the coordination of a weekly meeting of EL*C advocacy working group (advocacy pillar) to update EL*C Board members and staff on progress made as well as to discuss relevant strategies and opportunities.

Other duties and responsibilities:

– Support EL*C team and in the work needed for the organization of the General Assemblies, and the coordination of outreach to membership, the preparation of relevant documents and the organization related meetings of other EL*C bodies.

– Support the EL*C team with ongoing work when this is relevant for EL*C strategic objectives on advocacy, including in the application for funds as well as on advocacy related events.

– To coordinate, supervise, advise and evaluate the work of other staff members and consultants, in close cooperation with the other Executive Co-Directors;

– To produce regular progress reports (monthly, quarterly, annually), in close cooperation with the Executive Co-Directors ;

– To organize and lead staff meetings, in close cooperation with the Executive Co-Directors;

– To report to the Board, maintain regular communication with the Board, and to participate in Board meetings, in close cooperation with the Co-Directors;

– To assist in developing programs of the Annual General Assembly and other events, and assist in its organization, in close cooperation with Executive Co-Directors;

– To assist in communication and media related activities, in close cooperation with the Executive Co-Directors;

– To plan and organize team building meetings, in close cooperation with the Executive Co-Directors;

– To assist in preparation of events, as well as in its realization;

– Maintain good relationships with key stakeholders, in close cooperation with the Executive Co-Directors;


Experience At least 5 years of international level policy work.


Experience working with Civil Society and NGOs in Europe and Central Asia, including umbrella NGO and Networks
Experience of working on policy/advocacy in an EU, CoE and/or UN policy context, including sound knowledge of EU, CoE and/or UN institutions and mechanisms
Excellent knowledge of international standards regarding LGBTI and feminist policies, as well as social policies
Experience of building and implementing lobbying/advocacy strategies


Experience of working with national or international NGO’s or governments tackling LBTI women and non-binary persons rights
Experience of national policy/advocacy work
Experience in piloting the governance of an international network organization



Excellent organisation and coordination skills
Sense of initiative and ability to be self supporting, including ability to deliver under pressure and within tight deadlines
Ability to analyse, synthesize complex material
Ability to build relationships, networks and alliances
Strong interpersonal skills, in particular ability to work well within a small team and in a multicultural context
Excellent presentation skills, as well as ability to communicate to a variety of audiences in writing and oral
Group facilitation skills
Demonstrated intersectional feminist and antiracist background
Fluency in English
Good knowledge of another European or Central Asian language
Computer literacy

The following skills are an asset:

Knowledge of additional languages
Online facilitation skills
Personal experience of being part of an oppressed minority
Good at dealing with Dyke Dramas 😉



The EL*C Team: The person will be part of a team of 4 persons. They will liaise with a network of very diverse national and international NGOs (more than 50 organizations) in Europe and Central Asia.

Contract/Working Hours: The successful applicant will receive a part-time permanent contract to work 20 hours a week over 5 days.

Special conditions: Available to work unsociable hours (i.e: some weekend meetings for board meetings, General Assemblies and LMC meetings, time off in lieu is given). Availability to travel.

Remuneration Package: The person will be employed under its national residency law. The Gross II salary (CTC – cost to company) applicable to this position is 2000 € a month, in line with the other EL*C’s salaries.



Please send your CV and a cover letter (no more than 2 pages) which outlines why you would be a good fit for the role and for EL*C to the following e-mail address: squad@lesbiangenius.net

Please send us 2 contacts from your ex-girlfriends.. no, we are joking, from your previous work references.

The closing date will be 9.00am CEST the 31st August 2021 and the interviews will be held via Zoom, beginning of September 2021.

We are an equal opportunities employer and will provide any necessary assistance to applicants with any special requirements to participate equally in the selection process.


Download here the pdf format

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