EU Election: This is not a time to despair. It’s time to strategize, organize and defeat the rise of the far-right

The recent EU election have revealed a troubling shift in the political landscape, with the far-right making significant advances. This development poses a serious threat to the core values of European democracy: equality, freedom, and justice.

This is not a time for despair. Lesbians, we must take this as a call to action. Our unique perspectives, resilience, and unyielding spirit, which make up our lesbian genius, are necessary in this fight. We must harness every skill, every ounce of creativity and strength, to ensure that fascism does not take root and spread its hateful ideology.

EL*C envisions a European Union that is feminist, anti-racist, trans-inclusive and anti-ableist. A Europe that is safe for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Additionally, we want representatives committed to climate friendliness and sustainability, ensuring a healthy planet for future generations. We fight for a lesbian Europe, one where our rights and freedoms are not just protected but celebrated.

Read more in EL*C’s Lesbian Manifesto.

We must rise together in solidarity. We can and will push back against growing menace of the far-right. We must work tirelessly within our communities and between them in solidarity, through every available channel to resist and dismantle these oppressive forces. The struggle for a just and democratic Europe is far from over, and our determination to achieve it remains rooted in our lesbian genius.

Lesbians stand firm, speak out, and fight with all our might against fascism.


In solidarity and strength,
the EL*C

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