FROM DREAMS TO ACTION: The Art of Proposal Crafting TRAINING

Transform your visionary ideas into compelling realities and learn to celebrate your achievements with confidence. Join us for an exploration into the art of proposal writing and showcasing success, guided by the expertise of Magda Adamowicz, a luminary in grant-making and social change advocacy.

ūüďÖ Date: Wed, 13 & 20 March 2024

‚Źį Time: 17:00 CET

2 practical sessions (90 minutes long + 30 minutes for reflection)

What You’ll Gain:

1.     Expert techniques in transforming ideas into powerful proposals for funding

2.     Strategies for effectively demonstrating your successes

3.     Engaging practical sessions complemented by reflective learning opportunities

Facilitator Spotlight

Magda Adamowicz brings to the table over two decades of experience in human rights grant-making and activism. Formerly at the helm of several initiatives at the Open Society Foundations, she now empowers change-makers as an independent consultant and coach, focusing on human rights advocacy.

Workshop Essence:

Please note that these Ideas Workshops are not linked to the EL*C Grants Program, neither is it about training in applying for European Commission or other donor funds. This is a general skill-building opportunity through real-life examples, mutual learning, and leveraging our collective experiences and achievements.

Who Should Attend:

This is an exclusive opportunity for EL*C members who are keen to elevate their proposal writing skills and showcase their successes with pride and precision.

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