In July and August 2023, while Europe was in the grips of the hottest summer ever registered and under unprecedented storms, lesbians gathered to protest the State-sponsored lesbophobia of the Italian far-right government.

While we were there in solidarity with the Italian mums and their children, we all knew that this was not only about parental rights. It was about a Europe that could not represent us.


A Europe that now, more than ever, NEEDS LESBIANS.

We choose to look at Europe from our lesbian perspective, from the point of view of those outside patriarchal norms and unbound by cis-heteronormativity. From these margins, from our experiences as feminist, anti-racists, LGBTI, climate activists, we know that another Europe is possible.

A Europe where the rights of our children will be guaranteed. Where “freedom of movement” means also equal access to sexual and reproductive rights across Europe. A Europe where all women and non-binary people enjoy equality, justice and freedom from violence. A Europe where butch lesbians and trans folks are not attacked because of “what a woman should look like”. A Europe where we are not sexually harassed because we are “too feminine and we asked for it”.

Far-right governments, racists and white-suprematists want a Europe where the rights of Black and racialised people are denied, where human dignity is granted based on skin tone, ethnicity or religion. A Europe where expressing solidarity to Ukrainians means denying it to others. We do not fall for this trap, and we know that a Europe unable to deal with its colonial past is doomed to repeat it.

Capitalists, ultra-liberals, and climate-change deniers want a Europe where the South burns while the North drowns. A Europe where they speak about “ecology” to deny our rights, but not to protect our homes, our fields, and our lives. We can read between the lines, and we know that the price of climate change will be paid by the poorest and most vulnerable.

Patriarchy has tried to convince us that being lesbian was a challenge, a misfortune, something to be ashamed of. It has failed. Being lesbian is our superpower and we mean to use it.

In the European elections, from our elected positions, from our grassroot community work, because of our #lesbiangenius, we call for a European Union that:

  • Takes into account all LBTI women and non-binary persons when protecting women and LGBTI people’s rights;
  • Protects our children’s rights and ensures free movement for our families, because #lesbiansaremotherstoo;
  • Dismantles borders and walls instead of contributing to build them;
  • Makes our societies safer and more inclusive instead of more racist, lesbophobic, ableist and transphobic;
  • Fights climate change instead of protecting capitalist interests;
  • Supports the lesbian grassroot work in service of our communities.


Against the raise of the far-right we want more feminism, more anti-racism, more climate actions.

Against the raise of the far-right, we want a LESBIAN EUROPE.



EL*C is launching a call for tenders for services related to a research project on the lived experiences of Black LBQ women and people, women/people of color, Roma women/people, and Central Asian women/people (especially those living in Europe), as well as individuals marginalized due to racial markers related to religion or ethnicity, in addition to their gender and sexual orientation.

To ensure a diversity of viewpoints, three different tender procedures are being conducted, each focusing on different areas/lived experiences, with the objective of creating a team of researchers with complementary skills (hereafter referred to as “the team of researchers”). One application per person in the areas where you have the strongest expertise is recommended.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting qualitative data collection and analysis with LGBTQI communities and/or other marginalized communities
  • Demonstrated intersectional feminist background
  • Good understanding of current and past struggles of LBTI women and non-binary persons
  • Good understanding of the lived experiences of LBQ migrants, POC, and ethnic/religious minorities
  • Excellent data analysis skills, especially in qualitative data analysis
  • Demonstrated experience in the implementation of qualitative data collection tools
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal, and project management skills
  • Sense of initiative and ability to be self-supporting, including the ability to deliver under pressure and within tight deadlines
  • Excellent English
  • Good knowledge of other EU languages is a strong asset. In case you are applying for the Central Asian tender, good knowledge of Russian is a strong asset.


In order to apply, please submit via email to by April 22, 2024, with the following documents:

          the Service Provider’s name and address;

          its VAT number;

          the full list of services;

          the fee per type of deliverables (in the local currency, tax exclusive);

          the total amount per type of deliverables (in the currency, tax exclusive);

          the quota should specify all costs;

          the total amount, tax exclusive, the applicable VAT rate, the amount of VAT and the amount VAT inclusive;

          the budget should include all costs related to this consultancy, including for example travel costs.


All the information about the 3 consultancies for this qualitative research focusing on the lived realities of 1) Black and POC LBQ, 2) Roma LBQ and 3) Central Asian LBQ individuals are available below:

ToR Black and POC LBQ
ToR Roma LBQ
ToR Central Asian LBQ
Template of the technical proposal


EL*C publishes today the report “Lesbianising the Istanbul Convention:Research on the Implementation of the Convention to Protect LBTI Women”. The report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of lesbian experiences within the legal frameworks and policies created by the Istanbul Convention, the main European convention focusing on violence against women.

In collaboration with legal experts from the University of Valencia and the University of Venice, we took a feminist approach to highlight the gendered aspect of violence against lesbians and advocate for their inclusion in policy discussions concerning violence against women and gender-based violence. Our analysis “lesbianises” the Istanbul Convention to reflect the realities of lesbian, bisexual, trans, and intersex women.

We assess the implementation of the Convention’s anti-discrimination clause across 28 countries, drawing insights from expert focus groups and civil society practices. In a political climate where feminist and LGBTI initiatives face constant attacks and backlash, we emphasize the importance of collaboration, sisterhood and allianceship with feminist NGOs and groups.

Our report does not create hierarchies of oppression but seeks to initiate a dialogue while providing an interpretative framework and recommendations to stakeholders who wish to have an inclusive approach in the fight against gender-based violence. 

Find here the Key findings

Find here the Research Report 


Transform your visionary ideas into compelling realities and learn to celebrate your achievements with confidence. Join us for an exploration into the art of proposal writing and showcasing success, guided by the expertise of Magda Adamowicz, a luminary in grant-making and social change advocacy.

📅 Date: Wed, 13 & 20 March 2024

⏰ Time: 17:00 CET

2 practical sessions (90 minutes long + 30 minutes for reflection)

What You’ll Gain:

1.     Expert techniques in transforming ideas into powerful proposals for funding

2.     Strategies for effectively demonstrating your successes

3.     Engaging practical sessions complemented by reflective learning opportunities

Facilitator Spotlight

Magda Adamowicz brings to the table over two decades of experience in human rights grant-making and activism. Formerly at the helm of several initiatives at the Open Society Foundations, she now empowers change-makers as an independent consultant and coach, focusing on human rights advocacy.

Workshop Essence:

Please note that these Ideas Workshops are not linked to the EL*C Grants Program, neither is it about training in applying for European Commission or other donor funds. This is a general skill-building opportunity through real-life examples, mutual learning, and leveraging our collective experiences and achievements.

Who Should Attend:

This is an exclusive opportunity for EL*C members who are keen to elevate their proposal writing skills and showcase their successes with pride and precision.

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