January 2019 EL*C Newsletter

The Conference registration opens January 15th 2019

Dancing is politics.

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Dancing is good for the skin and the body, good for wrinkles and muscles, good to wiggle our love wrists or our chocolate perctoral. Dancing is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Dancing is politics.

And while there are many many ways to dance, there is only one rule that we should be able to genuinely submit to: choose with whom and when we want to dance. Because sometimes we twerk and sometimes we don’t, according to our urgencies, our fights, our needs, our desires. May 2019’s first EL*C newsletter offer you gold nuggets from here and elsewhere so that the memory of this past year and the perfume of the one to come can reinforce us in the certainty that our dyke’s planet is bubbling and that it will not be done without you.

In 2019 we wish to be with you, all of you, all of us together, if you grant us a dance…

We received many workshop proposals and we know how impatient you are to know what will be served to you during the 2019 edition of the European Lesbian* conference in Kyiv.
We are working on it !
One date to keep in mind


Find here the January 2019 Newsletter

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