In March 2021, a coalition of European networks working on LGBTI rights and including ILGA- Europe, EL*C, TGEU, OII Europe and EGLSF submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe a briefing note on violence and discrimination against LBTI women in sport. The PACE has drawn attention to gender-based violence and discrimination in sports for many years and the submission aimed at offering a specific focus on the position of lesbian, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LBTI) women in sport, and had the objective to support the PACE in its formulation of the report on “The fight for a level playing field – ending discrimination against women in the world of sport” and a consequent resolution. The data and information we collected revealed the specific situations and barriers that LBTI women face in sport, while discrimination and violence against them remain phenomena largely unknown or not visible. We decided for this reason to publish the results of our work and we urge decision makers, stakeholders and sports leaders at every level to take into account the needs of LBTI women in sport and ensure the full respect of their fundamental rights.


Find here the full report


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