Lesbians Defeat the Far-Right in Italy

The EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community (EL*C), the main organization dedicated to the rights of lesbians across Europe, is happy to share news of a significant legal victory in Italy. The Italian court has decisively rejected an attempt to remove non-biological mothers from their children’s birth certificates in Padua. This attempt, made by the local Prosecutor’s Office and requested by the Italian far right government, aimed to challenge the recognition of lesbian couples as both being legal mothers of their children. This court decision is a big win for lesbians, ensuring that non-biological mothers remain recognized on their children’s birth certificates, preserving their rights and their family’s integrity. 

This victory follows the “Lesbians are Mothers Too” campaign launched by EL*C, which sparked widespread support across Europe and supported the efforts of the Italian lesbian movement addressing this issue. The campaign led to protests in over 14 European cities, showing a strong community response against the unfair treatment of lesbian mothers in Italy.  

Although we celebrate this win, we are aware that the situation could change. The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Interior have ten days to challenge this decision. EL*C is attentively monitoring developments and stands ready to continue our unwavering support for the lesbian movement in Italy. 

Just after their defeat, the Italian government, following the well know pattern of far-right politics, is targeting trans individuals. EL*C stands committed to supporting full self-determination rights for trans people, as part of our ongoing fight for the full equality in rights and opportunities. 

This victory is a clear sign that we, lesbian activists and feminists, can defeat the far-right. They will find us united and resilient at every step they take to oppress our lives and deny our existences. EL*C will keep supporting the LGBTQ+ community in Italy and across Europe, advocating for equality and justice. 

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