Mission HRM: a journey through the nebula of NGO management

We are excited to invite you to an extraordinary on-line training Odyssey, set to propel your human resource management skills into the cosmos. 

When: Thu, 11 April at 06:00 PM CET
Where: Zoom (register now)
Who: Silvia Casalino (space engineer and EL*C Co-Director) & Anastasiia Danilova (EL*C Community Engagement Manager)
For Whom: EL*C Members (organizations and individuals)

Prepare your spacecraft for a journey through the nebula of NGO management, where you will join fellow astronauts in dissecting the core of Team Management. Our mission will explore the following celestial bodies:

  • Analyzing the Essence of Team Management: Delve into the gravitational force that holds a team together, ensuring a harmonious orbit around organizational goals.
  • Navigating through Asteroid Fields: Identify the main challenges in the galaxy of HR management and devise strategic maneuvers to navigate through these potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Architects of the Stars: Examine the different structures of NGO galaxies and the decision-making processes that guide them, ensuring your organization’s trajectory aligns with its mission.
  • Peaceful Coexistence Among Cosmic Entities: Master the art of conflict resolution, ensuring that all beings within your space can coexist peacefully and contribute to the collective mission.

On this journey you will be accompanied by an spaceship captain, the Executive Co-dykerector of EL*C and space engineer (it is not a joke) Silvia Casalino, and a navigator with 13 years of experience in organizational management, EL*C Community Engagement Manager, Anastasia Danilova.

Secure your spot on this spaceship by enlisting today, and prepare to elevate your capabilities to cosmic proportions on 11 of April at 18: 00 CET





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