Elisabeth Holzleithner

Professor of Legal Philosophy and Legal Gender Studies Head of the Department of Legal Philosophy Vice Dean of the Studies Program Speaker of the Research Network “Gender and Agency” Fall 2006: Guest Professor for Legal Gender Studies, University of Zurich Awards IV/2001 Käthe Leichter-Award for Women’s History of the Labor Movement 2000 (Ministry of Social Security and Generations) XI/2001 Gabriele Possanner-Award for Scientific Achievements that promote     Gender Democracy in Austria (Ministry of Education, Science and Research) IV/2017 Frauenring-Award Scientific Management Scientific Community V/1997-V/2001 Speaker of the Young Forums Legal Philosophy Organization of the 5. Conference of the Young Forum Legal Philosophy (Vienna, 01.-03.05.1997) Member of the German Department of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy Equal Treatment XII/1994-XII/2001 Head of the Working Group on Equal Treatment at the University of Vienna XII/1994-XII/2001 Member of the Working Group on Equal Treatment in the Ministry of Education, Science and Research
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