Strengthen Your Lesbian Activism with EL*C’s Upcoming Training Sessions!

Hey there, lesbian geniuses, are you eager to sharpen your skills and make a monumental impact in the world of lesbian activism? If so, you’re in the right place! EL*C has crafted a stellar series of online training sessions that run from now until the end of the year, designed exclusively for you. 

1️⃣ Archives 🗂️: Preserve Our Herstory 

28 Sept 2023 

First on the agenda, we dive into the world of archives. This isn’t your dusty, old attic stuff; this is about documenting, preserving, and sharing our uniquely lesbian experiences. Lesbians have been continuously erased from history, it’s time to write our names back into the books. Learn the intricacies of archiving our collective herstory and your dykiest moments. Because every moment is a page in our book! 

2️⃣ Fundraising 💰: Make Your Proposals Irresistible 

12, 19 Oct 2023 

Let’s talk money—better yet, let’s learn how to get it. Fundraising is an art, and we’re handing you the paintbrush. Master the strategies for crafting compelling proposals that will have donors scrambling to be a part of your mission. From contributions to grants, learn how to fund the revolution! 

3️⃣ Financial Management 📊: Be Impactful and Accountable 

9, 16 Nov 2023 

Numbers don’t have to be scary; they can be your best allies. This training will turn you into a spreadsheet wizard, capable of managing budgets, decoding financial reports, and leveraging data for maximum impact. Become the financial guru your activism deserves! 


We’re not just here to make waves, we’re bringing the tsunamis of change! It’s time to empower ourselves, amplify our voices, and shift the tides in favor of lesbian visibility and rights. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your activism and take it to unparalleled heights. Sign-up links are coming soon, so stay tuned* and be ready to jump on board. 


* stay tuned by becoming a member of EL*C (it’s free, easy and cool) 

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