Oana Dorobantu

Media Manager


Oana Dorobanțu is a queer feminist author, former journalist and activist working at the intersection of Roma and LGBTQI+ rights. Since 2016 they have been active in the local Romanian feminist, LGBTI and anti-racist movements for promoting and protecting the rights of groups vulnerable to discrimination pertaining to housing, education and media representation. In Germany, they have participated in Romani feminist movement with a priority on supporting a Romani feminist transnational movement. In Spain, they are active in the autonomous anti-racist and decolonial movement, the trans fight and the lesbian/bollera (dyke) block.

Their professional career focuses on communication and public relations for human rights NGOs while in their grassroots life, they focus on decolonial praxis in aspects pertaining to migration, police violence, gender, environmentalism, relationships and decolonial Romani feminism. In their spare time, they practice yoga, enjoy making activist illustrations and queer embroidery, spend much more time then they’d like on social media, and are obsessed with everything related to food (eating, cooking, food chemistry, cuisine history and culture, turning any conversation including this bio into a food-related conversation). They prefer being called a dyke and people respecting their pronouns when refering to them.

At EL*C they handle communication and media in a cool, fierce, fun way.

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