In a societal environment where lesbian needs and interests are often sidelined, the funding landscape offers a bleak picture. Data and our lived experience highlight the chronic underfunding of lesbian organizations in both the women’s rights and the broader LGBTI movements. Historically, donors have overlooked and deprioritized lesbian projects, and the scant funds available for lesbian-centric endevors often go to general LGBTI and other human rights organizations instead. As the socio-political environment increasingly embroiled with hostile, anti-gender conservative agendas, furthers the robust need for financial empowerment in lesbian community. Now is the time to take what’s rightfully ours!

LESBIAN HOLD-UP: LET’S TAKE WHAT’S OURS! fundraising training module unfolds the basic principles of fundraising while fostering a mindset shift to shatter traditional financial glass ceilings. It explores the various types of grant-makers aligning their potential with the mission of lesbian organizations, crafting compelling funding proposals to captivate donors, and nurturing enduring relationships with grant-makers—a cornerstone for sustained financial support. Spanning two sessions, this training is designed to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the myriad of fundraising opportunities, offering insights into diversifying sources of funding. By the end, your organization will adeptly manage the donor ecosystem, advancing significantly towards financial resilience and autonomy.



Admittance open to EL*C members only (organizations and individuals).


This training is structured across two sessions: the first session will be conducted on 12th October, and the subsequent session on 19th October. Your instructor is Dragana Todorović.

Dragana Todorović is the highly proficient Executive Director at EL*C, spearheading strategic development and fundraising. With a profound commitment to the lesbian movement and an entrepreneurial outlook that disregards the term “impossible,” Dragana continually expands the horizon of lesbian advocacy. Her extensive experience spans the private sector, governmental institutions, and both national and regional NGOs. This dedicated Yugoslavian activist notably initiated the Balkan LGBTI network – ERA, serving as its Executive Co-Director for a notable 7-year tenure.


Admittance open to EL*C member organizations and member individuals.

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This training session will later be available as a recording for EL*C members. Become an EL*C member!

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